Posted on August 1, 2014 by chemistry on News

Cannes Creative 2014

The Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions 2014 was another showing of creativity renowned. These awards honour creativity that has shown a measurable and proven impact on a client’s business, whether that be through consumer behaviour, brand equity, sales, or profit. They are the most prestigious awards in the advertising world. (And on that note… I’d like to say that we are the only Irish Agency ever to have won Gold at Cannes! Well done Chemistry!)

As always, the standard this year was amazing. I was particularly impressed by Grand Prix winner V-Line’s “Guilt Trip” campaign, by McCann Sydney. The objective of “Guilt Trip” was to get those living in the city to go visit their loved ones in the country.

The eye-catching creative was beautifully done…


…And they even used social media to publicly guilt people – with family members sending personalised messages!!

(Something my Mum would definitely do)3

The way that the agency took an insight, drove it to an idea, brought it to execution with humorous creative, while also driving business and creating profit for the company, is definitely admirable.

There were many more superb campaigns, and WARC published a very interesting analysis of what many of them had in common. What they found was that humour and emotional engagement were hallmarks of the creative strategies. Storytelling was also linked to effectiveness, used by 50% of shortlisted campaigns.

Well… We can see this type of strategy in our own recent ‘El Zero’ campaign, for Club Orange’s new product Club Zero. This ad tells the epic tale of how one gifted young man learned to master the ancient art of ‘Fruit Whispering’ and gained the power to create a truly delicious drink… Club Zero!

Go on… Watch the full El Zero story below!