Posted on January 22, 2015 by chemistry on In The News, News

Creating a brand for Ann Rose Mongan for Norah’s Traveller Academy

Dream briefs are few and far between but we were lucky enough to get one such brief last summer.  Norah Casey had undertaken a project to help four talented young women from the travelling community carve out careers for themselves. One of these lovely ladies was the gorgeous Ann Rose who creates beautiful accessories, mainly cuffs and collars, which she adorns with beads and buttons. Wearing one of her creations helps you make an ordinary outfit extraordinary.  Our brief was to create a brand for Ann Rose, one which reflected her personality, her roots and her artistic vision. She needed a logo and brand story which would bring alive her individuality, creativity and style.

We really enjoyed the creative process and presenting our ideas to Ann Rose.  Her reaction was amazing and she felt we had managed to capture who she was perfectly. We were surprised at how emotional the experience was and are very proud to have had the opportunity to work with someone as talented as Ann Rose.

Coco TV documented the journeys of these four women and we had the pleasure of working very closely with Anna Rodgers and Mairead Tucker during this process.  We are all really excited to see Ann Rose’s story brought to life in the second episode of Norah’s Traveller Academy at 9pm on RTE 2 tonight.