We chose iconic shots of 4 of the top Ladies Gaelic players in Ireland and used them across a wide variety of formats, from 6 sheet all the way up to high-impact 240 sheet posters. As well as faithfully representing as the players as the serious, committed athletes they are, we wanted to advertise the sport in a manner similar to the way other more well-known sports and athletes are advertised. The obvious point being that Ladies Gaelic deserves as much support and stature, as other sports.


We created rich HTML digital display formats including leaderboards, billboards, skyscrapers, HPTO, MPUs and mobile formats.

We used different poses of our 4 players with an animated sky in the background reflecting the TV.

Our big impact HPTO appeared on high interest sites and each component worked independently across content sites.


On our launch weekend it was almost impossible to miss our print. We had double page spreads in all the large publications while also kitting out stores nationwide from till gates to trolley handles.


  • Over 470k views of Serious Support video on Facebook
  • 17% engagement on Twitter vs a 2-3% norm
  • The #SeriousSupport hashtag reached over 1 million users on Twitter
  • #SeriousSupport launch content reached over 2.6 million