Posted on December 16, 2016 by chemistry on News

Panti Claus comes to Chemistry

Last night Chemistry magically transformed into Panti’s Grotto. The inimitable Panti stepped up with elegant style as Panti Claus. Panti Claus had a long list some of which was naughty, some of which was nice. The lovely Chemistry clients got to visit Panti Claus and find out whether they made the naughty or nice list. Some sat on her knee. Some even got Panti Claus to sit on theirs. Luckily, Panti Claus was very benevolent and most made it onto the nice list. We even think our MD, Ray, made the nice list because Panti insisted on sitting Ray onto her knee for a cosy chat.

A beautiful bar was set up in reception for those with a thirst. There was a lot of thirst as it turns out. All the cocktails were made with our client Lidl’s lovely range of spirits. The wine & beer were also from Lidl’s excellent range. And Club Orange was used to make delicious Mocktails for those who were better behaved.

A petition to make the bar a permanent feature is underway as Chemistry staff believes it can convince Ray of the many benefits this would bring. Here’s hoping ours and all your wishes come true for 2017.