Posted on October 5, 2011 by chemistry on News

Poop Face

Huggies, the sellers of nappies in which babies can pee and/or poo themselves, wanted to let parents understand that their kid will be protected no matter where or when the moment takes them.

Convention demands an educational approach, explaining the elasticity of the nappy, the layers of fabric to absorb the matter and the comfort baby will experience during these private moments.

But Huggies (care of Ogilvy Brazil) took a less conventional and instantly more appealing route of featuring publicly sourced shots of babies’ facial expressions as they poop themselves. It’s a simple yet universally relatable insight (not sure if it qualifies as an insight, more a smart observation) and the look on a baby’s face as it comes to terms with what’s happening to it makes for some lovely work.
Here’s hoping Imodium don’t follow a similar creative path.

The campaign is currently shortlisted in the Tomorrow Awards.