Irish football fans are in the news for their exemplary behaviour: there no other fans like them in the world.  Club Orange Zero pays homage to the “no-holds barred” commitment of the Irish Fans in its latest campaign which features Paul McGrath. The theme is about how the Irish football fan must commit 100% and make Zero Compromises to be the best. And who better to instil the “Zero Compromise” attitude than  Paul McGrath?: McGrath didn’t back out of any challenge, battled through any injury, and always – always – had fuel left in the tank. His mission is to let the fans know that the only thing that’s acceptable is everything. Never let something stand in your way of watching the big games. Never stop singing. And never – ever – let another nation lay claim to our crown as the best fans in the world. ‘Zero compromises’ is his mantra to any fan out there. Paul McGrath has teamed up with Club Zero with a novel 90’s inspired music video that coaches fans in how to make Zero Compromises.

We cut through in what is a key trading period in soft drinks. On 2nd June we seeded our teaser video on social and had 69k video views in one day. Our music video had over 150k views on Facebook, it reached 510k unique users on Facebook, delivered 4.2 million impressions across Facebook and Twitter and the competitions resulted in over 21,000 engagements on social during the tournament. We increased Facebook page likes by 1,800 in 6 weeks. On YouTube we had a viral spike at the start of the campaign with 98.7k music video views.

Check out Tiny Ark‘s behind the scenes video here: