Concern came to us looking for a campaign to attract people who do not normally fundraise for them. Our bull’s-eye audience was students. As a social group, having fun is important to them but they are still very socially aware. Social media usage is high (92%) and they are motivated by new experiences, personal growth and future prospects.

Our campaign needed to be motivating and exciting, so that the target audience would feel like they were part of a movement bigger than themselves.

Concern World Champions was born.

The idea was simple. You and up to 2 friends can win the adventure of a lifetime and win a trip to one of Concern’s beneficiary countries. Thereby getting the chance to see first-hand the work a global charity carries out on the front lines.

To be in with a chance to win, the 50 teams have to compete and fundraise for Concern, for every euro teams raise, they will receive one point. The team with the most points at the end of the competition will win the trip. There are also extra monthly fundraising challenges. As a result of this campaign, we are looking to help build advocacy and loyalty towards the brand.

Chemistry worked closely with Concern and Clickworks to develop a campaign website to accommodate sign ups, communicate challenges and host a leaderboard for the teams. We also developed a digital toolkit for the participants. The campaign will be fully supported via Facebook and finally, Concern will visit campuses across Ireland to encourage sign up via our experiential campaign.

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