We are delighted to announce that the first campaign for our brand spanking new client EPIC Ireland has gone live.

EPIC Ireland is Dublin’s dramatic new visitor experience that brings to life the truly unique story of the Irish people. 10 million journeys started in Ireland, and spread out across the world, and many of those who left our shores went on to visit some pretty amazing places and do some pretty unbelievable things.

To give people a taste of the EPIC Ireland experience we selected just a few of the many unexpected stories from two of their numerous digital exhibits and brought them to life through print, outdoor and radio executions.

For our printed pieces we focussed on the little known Irish roots of Che Guevara-the Argentinian revolutionary whose ancestors surprisingly hail from Galway.

To demonstrate the diversity of stories told at EPIC Ireland we created radio ads detailing the journey of Che Guevara as well as the amazing story of Dave Gallaher-the Donegal native who captained the “Original All Blacks” rugby team in 1905.

Astonishing, extraordinary, unpredictable and sometimes notorious stories like these are at the heart of EPIC Ireland and we really wanted to reflact that in our campaign. This is history like you’ve never seen it before. Think you know the Irish? Think again.