From the very beginning, The Fruit Whisperer was designed to be talked about. By creating a mysterious ancient art we were able to play on intrigue, and people’s inherent curiosity. To allow for the organic growth of this mystery, we needed to be sparing about exactly what information was released to the public. In what was a first for an Irish product, we chose to sew the first seeds cryptically on Reddit – the epicentre for much of the world’s viral content.

The first photo of a bizarre ‘no fruit whispering’ sign in – what appeared to be – a Tesco store was seeded. With intrigue created by bold sparsity, it became easier for the brand to slip into discussion and drop further breadcrumbs – teasing out our story as the clamour for answers grew.

The video segment – capturing a ‘real life whispering’ in action – was treated with the same dedication to authenticity. Our footage was shaky (and in portrait mode), allowing just enough of the action to be visible. The video was posted on YouTube but it quickly made its way back to Reddit, where it was picked up by the wider community. This ‘final piece of the puzzle’ was seeded just as the discussion had reached fever pitch – mere hours before the advert itself was launched on YouTube as a big reveal. This lead to:

  • Each of the four initial ‘warning sign’ images received north of 6,000 hits directly through Reddit.
  • Articles on The Daily Edge alone received just shy of 25,000 views
  • Images were picked up and tweeted by key social influencers
  • Coverage extended beyond our initial scope – with the story featuring in mainstream media such as the Irish Independent, RSVP… and even in one rather alarmed issue of AGF, the Dutch trade publication dealing with fruit and veg.