It’s a well known fact that we are ‘Dog People’ here at Chemistry (-just ask Bobby our Office Doggy!) so to say we are delighted to work with Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind is a bit of an understatement. When we were asked to create a new video to raise funds and awareness ahead of World Autism Day we put our most ardent dog lovers on the case, and so “For the Love of Dog” was born.

“For the Love of Dog” is a video for dog lovers, by dog lovers, that explores the unique and life-changing bond between man and man’s-best-friend. This interspecies bond is even more important for those who have Guide and Assistance Dogs in their lives-their dog is not just a companion or a comfort-but a hero and a lifeline.

Join us as we take a quick peek into the lives of those who experience the wonder that is the “Love of Dog”.