This award-winning campaign outlines how Chemistry used insight, strategy and best practice planning to help drive fame for the Lidl sponsorship. The core component of creating “Fame” is to get as many people talking and sharing campaign content. Therefore digital and social media were central to the launch and continue to play a key role in the ongoing sponsorship campaign. This campaign trended on Twitter for over 24 hours on launch day and garnered media pick up in multiple media channels in Ireland and abroad.

Our research proved that most people didn’t believe that women could play as seriously or as competitively as their male counterparts. The only people in no doubt were the players themselves.

A traditional approach may have affected small change on those already interested in Ladies Gaelic Football. However, we really wanted to affect change on a societal level so developed a two-phase approach to maximise impact.

Phase 1 – Agitate:
Confront the unconscious negative attitudes that prevailed and compel people to feel outraged. We did this by using all of these negative attitudes to create a spoof product, the “Ladyball.” We launched the “Ladyball” as if it was a real product, with its own website, advertising campaign and social strategy. This provoked a massive outrage online and allowed us to gather a massive pool of prospects to re-target with the launch of Lidl’s sponsorship of Ladies Gaelic Football.

Phase 2 –Serious Support:
Re-direct the outrage we created towards the unfair treatment of women in sport and use it to demonstrate that Lidl saw things differently – that Serious athletes deserved serious support.

• Ladyball did what it was designed to do – it agitated. 8.5 million social media users were outraged and 116 publications globally reported on the negative issues raised.

• The Serious Support launch campaign enabled Ladies Gaelic Footballers achieve a national media platform – over 2.5 million people during launch weekend alone, a stark contrast to the previous year’s “record attendance” of 30,000 to the Championship Final and team sports.

• The sponsorship is now recognised as best in class and is the winner of multiple sponsorship awards, including four at European level.

• But most importantly, we’ve changed the conversation!

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