Team sports build so much more than teams. They build a solid foundation for the future.

Our Serious Starts Here campaign for Lidl’s sponsorship of LGFA (Ladies Gaelic Football Association) is a short documentary piece highlighting the benefits of team sport for young women.

We partnered with H2 Films to create a moving piece that sheds a light on a very current topic. Shot with an entirely female crew, the documentary captures the real sentiments of young Irish women speaking honestly and truthfully about what team sports means to them. In particular, it shows the confidence gained through sticking with team sport.

To treat this hugely important project properly, we worked with Lidl and Spark Research to understand the realities of female participation in sport using both quantitative and qualitative research. In addition to young women and girls, parents were interviewed. Lots of insights emerged, some alarming such as the fact that 1 in 2 young women give up sport by the time they start secondary school. By emphasising the positive benefits expressed by young women who remain involved, we hope the Irish public will start encouraging women to stay in sport in any way they can. In short, we hope to inspire change and demonstrate that #SeriousSupport can have a huge impact.