Not too many people can say that they’ve taken a road trip to the Arctic, swam with whales and watched the Northern Lights illuminate the Norwegian sky.

For four friends from Dublin, a trip to the frozen north proved to be an adventure that they would never forget as they experienced things that most people could only imagine. It all started with a plan to travel to the Arctic to track the migration habits of humpback whales, orcas and herring.

Thanks to Mitsubishi Ireland, they took a Mitsubishi Outlander along for a test run, and captured the whole trip for us.

The trip was documented with hours of footage and Chemistry took this and produced 6 short form pieces of content which covered each leg of the journey. The pieces were published on the INM and Mitsubishi Ireland Facebook and YouTube channels and were also supported with a Double Page Spread in the Sunday Life Magazine.

This is a great example of real life content creation and curation, embedding one of our brands in a wonderful adventure in the Artic Circle.