In October 2016 the independent CXi Customer Experience report found that Tesco Mobile was the number one network provider for customer experience. Quite a feat when you consider none of our competitors even made it into the top 100!

There was never a CXi campaign planned in our schedule of activities, but both Tesco Mobile and ourselves knew this was something we had to tell consumers about. Just two weeks after the CXi report was released we had developed and launched a campaign spanning experiential, radio and social media.

Being number one when it comes to customer experience means that Tesco Mobile helps reduce their customers’ stress every single day. For our campaign, we decided to go one step further and try and reduce everybody’s stress. We used the relaxing sounds of kittens and whales in our radio ads to help people unwind. And along with BACK UP, we created a stress free lounge in Dundrum Shopping Centre where people could get complimentary massages and have relaxing VR experiences.

Radio ads: