Every trolley tells a hundred stories and Lidl is host to them all.

#LidlTrolleycam, our new integrated campaign for Lidl, is designed to put a lens on Irish shopping culture whilst simultaneously showcasing the fantastic range and unbeatable value Lidl offer their customers. The campaign will primarily roll out across TV, outdoor and social platforms.

We took inspiration from shows like GoggleBox and First Dates, which allow people to get up close and personal observing other people in ordinary situations. We know from social media and popular culture that people love to watch what other people do – and Irish people love to peek behind the curtains of other people’s lives.

We partnered with award-winning Irish documentary filmmaker, Ken Wardrop to film customers as they did their weekly full shop. We filmed in Lidl stores all around the country, capturing the funny moments that happen as families bicker and banter as they shop through the aisles of Lidl.