For our client, the Irish Cancer Society, we needed to convey a brave but necessary message to the people of Ireland and we launched with I want to Get Cancer. We needed to kick-start a new conversation.

The good news is that research and development have provided us with new ways and means to deal with cancer. More people are surviving cancer than ever before. Those living with cancer do so better than ever before. But we cannot ignore one fact:

By 2020, 1 in 2 of us will be getting a cancer diagnosis in our lifetime.

The fact itself is shocking; we cannot hide from it, and nor should we. We must face it, and face it down. It is our duty to make people aware of it.

And to do so in a way that stops them in their tracks. That makes them think. That forces them to consider some of the behaviours that have contributed to the situation. And of course, in a way that encourages them to support the efforts of the Irish Cancer Society, by donating and volunteering.

The campaign we have developed to convey this serious message is itself challenging. It follows a number of individuals – a researcher, a young man, a daughter, a couple, and a middle-aged man, each of who have something direct and defiant to say about cancer. It does not shy away from the facts, but nor does it suggest that there is nothing we can do. There is optimism, and strength. We’re asking everyone to get involved at the dedicated website